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Is there a way to run a procedure deferred - that creates fo...

steve hodos

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Is there a way to run a procedure deferred - that creates foccache - and have the foccache file stick around interactively I am guessing that the reporting server doesnt know about the file because it was run by the deferred service, but I must confess I do not see a good reason for that: temp space is temp space. I am okay with that being the default behavior, but it would be nice to have a setting to make the foccache file stick around.
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When you run deferred WF uses the dfm_default data service on the reporting server and creates the associated foccache directory in the edatemp area. If you run the subsequent reports in the same browser session against the foccache data deferred it will find the data. If you run the foccache report with a normal run it cant find the appropriate foccache data. I guess one alternative is to have all requests deferred and regular use the default data service, but I did not test that
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Hmmm. I ran a focexec deferred, from AppStudio, with ON TABLE HOLD AS FOCCACHE/FCTEST. From AppStudio, I tried TABLE FILE FCTEST - TABLE NOT found. I tried running the same TABLE FILE FCTEST request deferred, and get the same table not found results. Now, we are running a cluster, so perhaps the fex did not run on the same server. But. I dont have this problem when I run all this interactive. The server knows where MY foccache/edatemp is. Perhaps TABLE FILE FCTEST/service_name would be a useful tool.
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I went back and tested it from App Studio and it all worked when I ran the request to hold to focaccache deferred and a subsequent report against the foccache deferred. I thought there was a way to override the data services used when running deferred but cant find that. I do not have a way to test clustered. You better check with techsupport.
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