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Im working on an 8105m->8207 upgrade and weve got some ...

Toby Mills

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I think that was the Borg who said that

Time constraints of getting all Army, Navy, Air Force reporting doesnt allow for that. We need to move about 30 BIPs before the end of the year and testing and so forth.

Plus - only recently did IBI add the Widget back in for the Resource Tree. I havent had time to play with this to see if it will work for us. I bet it will, and its part of my plan for the future, but right now - just no time to get everything done.

We do plan to rewrite - just not in the next 6 weeks.

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Im working on an 8105m->8207 upgrade and weve got some old BIPs to convert that show a Resource Tree in a panel on the left, and the output panel is on the right.

Ive seen this forever when using Chrome - the cursor is offset to think that its lower than it actually is. The more you increase the Zoom in Chrome, the bigger the offset.

Ive opened a case with IBI about this. Im pretty sure the answer will be:


we arent changing anything in the legacy view.

re-write your BIPs to use one of the newer portal technologies.


I can hope theres some setting I can change someplace to fix this.

Let me know if any of you have found something that lets Chrome work better with the Resource Tree.



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Just in case its relevant:

Issue 659642: Mouse cursor alignment wrong on extension popup window (on secondary monitor with different DPI) on Windows 10

It turns out, if you use Windows Display Settings (right click on your desktop and choose Display settings). And you then set your Scaling to 100% (The default on my higher res monitors is 125%). Then, inside Chrome, set it to Zoom of 100%, everything lines up.

You dont even have to refresh your browser session - you can just drag a browser window from a Scaled screen to another screen whose Scaling says 100%, the cursor will line up correctly.

Unfortunately, zoom of 100% on a really high DPI monitor makes the text so tiny, you can hard read it.

Notice the dates on this issue are starting in 2016. Youd think this would be solved by now.

Also one has to wonder - why do so many other applications work okay in Chrome Is it something that we could ask IBI about programming differently

I opened a case and the TSR and I both said it was okay to close. Maybe I should have had him run it by the product division to see what they say.

Anywyay - now we know what causes the offset - a combination of the Scaling in Windows Setting and the Zoom inside the browser.

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Yeah Toby Mills, Weve been putting up with this in Chrome for similar scenarios But, we noticed that it seems to happen after the zoom has been changed up and down. Sometimes it would catch-up to itself with a ctrl+0 (reset zoom to default). If not, we just know that itll actually select the third item below the cursors location.
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