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Hello Guys, I am trying to sort a dimension (Term) chronolog...

Karan Sachdeva

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Right click TERM and create Group. This dialogue will allow you to create a Sort field that puts each term in the right order based on your choice. Then Use this Group field as the first X axis but Hide it. Then add TERM as a second sort. The hidden values will force TERMs to show in the order you choose.


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Hello Guys,

I am trying to sort a dimension (Term) chronologically on x-axis.

Example: Fall16, Winter17, Summer17, Fall17 in Designer 8207.14

However, Im only able to sort it alphabetically but not in a chronological order since its a string/dimension. Please see the attached screen-shot for your reference.


I also tried a work-around by changing the data values to look like 01 Fall16, 02 Winter17, 03 Summer17, 04 Fall17 and it does the job. However, it seems ugly. Please see the blelow screen-shot:


Is there any other way to customize the sorting for a dimension(String) Fields

Thank you,


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