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Not a development topic, but I was wondering how many of you...

Rob Fosnaugh

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Not a development topic, but I was wondering how many of your companies have CDOs and what their impact on BI/Analytics/Reporting is. Are they centered around enterprise data exclusively or does it extend into reporting and data presentation Would you recommend companies to seriously pursue this position
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I would look at the overall strategy of the organization and determine how much data governance including data driven decision making, data security, data accuracy, data dispersion across systems and machine learning / AI is required for it to meet its overall goals. If the answer is High then you then need to figure out the best way to lead and manage this in your culture. If you want a centrally lead approach, then a person with data expertise may be right for your organization. Otherwise, look for leaders across the organization that have a high data aptitude across the organization, which business units rely the most on data driven decisions and formalize a decentralized data governance team approach. Either way, I believe a cross functional data governance team approach is the best approach but how it is lead will help determine whether a CDO reporting to the CEO is necessary.
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