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Working in Data Management Console. Release 8203M 1357. I am...

Moonpie .

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Working in Data Management Console. Release 8203M 1357.

I am trying to import asset data into an Oracle CPQ system. We have a REST adapter in the DMC to the CPQ system.

To import assets, I am first required to make a POST call to the Oracle CPQ system to upload a CSV file containing the asset data. That file is place in the CPQ file system. The response to the REST call is a URL to the file in the CPQ file system.

Then I make a second REST call that includes that file URL; this call essentially tells the CPQ system to use that file data to create asset data in the system.

I am somewhat new to REST calls (and web services in any depth, really), so while I can do the above steps in Postman and successfully get asset data into the CPQ system, I cannot get the first step completed in the DMC.

The first file upload REST POST call requires the CSV file to be in the body of the call. Here it is in Postman:


I cannot figure out how to add a CSV file in the body when I create a synonym for the call in the DMC:


If I try to put a URL or path to the file in the Provide document sample box, it does not work.

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Hi Moonpie

Welcome to the forum!

I dont know much about this situation either - however I do know how to root around the docs (I used to work in IBs techsupport). Sometimes its hard to find things.

I did locate something which I thought might be helpful. At least it gives some examples of the Please provide document sample values.

Reference: Synonym Creation Parameters for RESTful Web Services

When looking in the PDF version of the adapter manual, I didnt find such a clear explanation - maybe I missed it Usually the PDF and the HTML page will be the same.

Feel free to post the answer that you get from techsupport so we can close the thread as Solved assuming it gets solved.



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Thanks Toby.

That helped some, but unless I can figure out how to get a CSV file put into the body using


name-value pairs, XML, and[/or] JSON


then I am still out of luck.

And this is not my area of expertise, so I am unsure whether I can do that and how to if I can.

Techsupport has not replied except for the Ill research it and get back to you touch of the ticket they do to stop the timer.


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