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Hi, One of the main advantages of Active Reports are offline...

Kamesh Gopalan

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One of the main advantages of Active Reports are offline slice and dice of data. We scheduled an Active Report through Reportcaster and sending it in email for them to use offline. It is opening well in Android mobile but not in IOS mobile. Anybody faced that issue. Are there any workaround to make it work



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Hi Kamesh

I havent done troubleshooting for this sort of thing in a long time.

It used to be helpful for me to use Safari as a browser first before I started suspecting iOS on an iPhone / iPad.

If you can get to an apple notebook, try running your report there and let safari open it. This wont solve your issue, but maybe itll get you closer to what the problem is.

If you open a case with IBI, theyll have an easier time reproducing the issue if you use an apple mac laptop to show what the problem is.

Hope that gets you closer. Let us know if its a Safari thing.


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