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Within the Business View we would like to be able to force m...

Kristi Carter

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Within the Business View we would like to be able to force multiple lines in the DESCRIPTION field in the properties. Does anyone know if this can be done, and if so, how


Below is what it looks like when reviewing in creating a report.


We would like it to show more like this:


Business: Additional Case Reserve - Case Reserve


Kristi Carter

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Im not sure if you can add a CR/LF to the DESCRIPTION attribute. Heres what the doc says but it doesnt mention if splitting the text is or isnt possible. Maybe you can add Escape Codes or HTML syntax but that seems a little too much work to accomplish this.




Can be shortened to DESC. Abbreviating the keyword has no effect on its function.


Is any string of up to 2K (2048) characters. If it contains a comma, the string must be enclosed within single quotation marks.

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I used < br > and it appears to work. In your case it would be

Technical: (TTL_OUTSTD_RSRV_AMT* EFF_RELIAB_F) - TTL_OUTSTD_RSRV_AMT<br>Business: Additional Case Reserve - Case Reserve

The output looks like:


multiple lines.png1031298 25.2 KB


You can go ever further by adding more HTML like < b > for bolding to have things stand out like each topic of the lines.


multiple lines 2.png1039291 23.9 KB

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You can use < /b > to terminate the bolding so it just pertains to what you want it to.

<b>Line1:</b> This is line one

<b>Line2:</b> This is line two


I am pretty excited to get the team looking into using this as you should be able to do even more with HTML like adding color and what Im really hoping that we can do is generate links to the documentation page for each data element in Confluence by including the URL in an href. Google is your friend for finding HTML code to insert everywhere. Adding it to reports is pretty powerful as well.

Thanks for bringing up this topic Kristi!

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