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  • How To - Customize Pages on Demand in WebFOCUS 9.x

    Patrick Huebgen

     How To 

    Customize Pages on Demand in WebFOCUS 9.x

    The aim of this document is to explain the process for changing the "Pages on Demand" design.

    If you want to get my sample design - please download the zip file attached

    New Design: 

    Screenshot 2024-05-03 162529.png

    To change the design of the "Pages on Demand" functionality, the following steps are necessary - complete guide attached in PDF Format

     Step 1 - Replacing icons

     Previously files for customization where stored in following folder: drive:/ibi\WebFOCUSversion\ibi_html\viewer

    As of Release 9.0.0, the ibi WebFOCUS system file configuration no longer includes the ibi_html directory located at drive:\ibi\WebFOCUSversion\WebFOCUS, where version is the number of your installed version. If you store customized files in the ibi_html directory, you must backup them from this directory before installing or upgrading to WebFOCUS Release 9.0.0 or higher. If you do not take this precaution, you will lose customized files stored in the ibi_html directory.

    Solution in 9.x:

    All the entire \ibi_html folder structure has been moved to a .jar file, if you go to drive:\ibi\WebFOCUSversion\webapps\webfocus\WEB-INF\lib you will find a file called webfocus-ibi-html-version.jar, if you edit with winrar or 7zip and go to META-INF, resources you will find the old \ibi_html folder and you could add your custom files.

    For on-demand paging this would be following storage location


    Make a backup of the existing jar file and save it into a new folder outside webapps\webfocus\WEB-INF\lib “drive:\ibi\backup”.

    The ibi_html change is part of a larger shift to replace standalone files in the WebFOCUS installation with packaged files.  This is being done to reduce the size of the install and for security reasons but it will require you to follow those steps

    Be aware that after upgrading this step would need to be repeated!

    To get you a sample design please check the files included with my documentation. Just copy and replace the files from the "On Demand Paging Custom Icons" folder to the following folder via 7zip or Winrar - drive:\ibi\WebFOCUSversion\webapps\webfocus\WEB-INF\lib\webfocus-ibi-html-version.jar\META-INF\resources\ibi_html\viewer\

    It is also possible to replace the gif files with your own selected icons.  But please use the same size for the new / changed icons.


    Step 2 - Customizing Templates

    The original files are stored in following folder drive:\ibi\WebFOCUSversion\client\home\etc\prod

    My sample will show you how to customize vcp_page.xml and vcp_page_1.xml - the main files that build the deferred execution screen.

    To get you a sample please check the files included with my documentation - to be found in “On Demand Paging xml Files”

    Please copy the files into following folder drive:\ibi\WebFOCUSversion\client\wfc\etc\custom

    Within the xml files, parts of the HTML / CSS code have been changed or blocks have been completely commented out, so that some functionalities (e.g. Close or Help) are not visible in "Pages on Demand" anymore.

    Feel free to make your own changes as needed

    Feel free to make your own code adjustments within the above-mentioned files.


    Step 3 - Restart

           Stop your application server - for example Tomcat

           Clear your App Server work directory - for example drive:\ibi\tomcat\work\Catalina

           Clear your browser cache

           Start your application server - for example Tomcat


    Customize Pages on Demand in WebFOCUS 9.x (1).pdf ondemandpaging_9x.zip

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