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  • FOCUS Fridays: Watch On Demand and Browse Upcoming Sessions

    Manoj Chaurasia

    If you are interested in the FOCUS language, whether you are using ibi FOCUS or ibi WebFOCUS products, FOCUS Fridays is a monthly user group that centers around the FOCUS language.

    You can expect basic FOCUS concepts from all parts of the language: TABLE, MODIFY, MATCH. GRAPH, Dialogue Manager, JOIN, MAINTAIN; advanced FOCUS language techniques to enhance functionality and performance in WebFOCUS and FOCUS; and coverage of new features as they appear in the products.  

    These sessions all come with the live, freewheeling discussion, demonstrations, and Q&A with three of the FOCUS/WebFOCUS language gurus - Walter Blood and Walter Brengel  - representing together more than 70 years of experience. Join us for the basics, to get the techniques you need, and to tell us how you use the language. We love active participation, so join us for FOCUS Fridays!

    Browse the event schedule or watch recorded sessions on demand.


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