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  • Building with ibi Data Intelligence

    John Racelis

    What is ibi Data Intelligence?
    Our platform is a unified data management solution that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for data integration, application integration and data quality improvement, empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of their data.
    What can I accomplish with ibi Data Intelligence?
    We understand that successfully leveraging data requires the collaboration between both the business and technology (IT) teams within organizations. The platform provides those teams with key features and capabilities, such as:

    • Data Integration: Seamlessly connect disparate data sources, facilitate data movement, transformation and consolidation for a unified view.
    • Application Integration: Facilitate communication between different applications to orchestrate, automate & streamline information exchange.
    • Data Quality Improvement: Implement robust data quality checks & transformations to verify, cleanse & enrich your data to ensure high accuracy and reliability.


    These capabilities allow organizations the needed functions to solve their various use cases, regardless of industry, including:

    • Enterprise Data Integration: ¬†Large enterprises managing diverse data environments need to unify data from multiple sources for comprehensive business intelligence.
    • Application Data Exchange: Organizations with multiple interdependent software applications need to ensure real-time data consistency across business applications.
    • Data Quality Management: Businesses prioritizing data accuracy for compliance and reporting need to implement data cleansing & validation to ensure data integrity.

    How can I get started with ibi Data Intelligence?
    We recommend reaching out to your ibi account team and connecting with an Account Technology Strategist to review your use case and develop a solution strategy fit for your organization.

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